Over the past years, customers, consumers and competitors are evolving at different speeds in different markets in different ways. Its time to reframe strategic choices, realign value chains and execute for short term goals and long term sustainability. Our experienced professionals have the knowledge to help you challenge and intrude entrenched ways of thinking

Inventory Management Diagnostics
Inventory Profiling by performing FSDN analysis, service level analysis among others. This will help to assess the As Is inventory management practices to understand key gaps & improvement areas . This will help improving GMROI, service levels, reduction in blocked capital

Sourcing Mix Optimization
Sourcing Mix Optimization would comprise of evaluating of landed cost analysis, re-order quantities, product mix analysis service levels, contract analysis which will help you in achieving lower landed costs. Better lead time visibility, better production mix and greater supply control

Store Audits
Our team review store compliance with laws, regulations and company policies and procedures through on-line interactive tools as well as on-site visits

Loss Prevention 
Our experienced professionals provide vulnerability reviews, inventory shrinkage analysis, fraud and forensic investigations as well as complete loss prevention function outsourcing.

Procurement to Payables
We offer a wide range of procurement services from capabilities assessment, spending cost reduction analysis to re-engineering and system implementation.

Vendor Review
Identify those vendors posing the highest risk to the organization and have the greatest opportunity for return. Identify cost recovery opportunities and process improvements to eliminate inefficiencies