Arthur Andersen is a firm with over 100 years of vintage andexperience that brings forth a limitless amount of expertise and knowledgethroughout its global network. On March 1st, 2017, ArthurAndersen has beenreconstituted, with 26 offices on 5 continents and in 16 countries includingIndia.


Thenetwork of affiliated and legally independent members offers its clientstop-of-the-range services with high added value in Consulting, TransactionsAdvisory, Fiscal, Audit and Accounting fields, and other business services foreconomic actors of all sizes, private, public or associations, cutting acrossthe main sectors of industry. ArthurAndersen & Co. is thecoordinating entity under which all Arthur Andersen memberfirms and their staffs made up of thousands of exceptionally talentedindividuals operate around the globe.

Eachof Arthur Andersen's offices is a member firm structured as anindependent legal entity in consonance with custom practices, national laws,systematize management, and further determinant fundamentals. Every Arthur Andersen office isa legally independent member firm providing services in their respectivecountry. Each ArthurAndersen memberfirm is constitutionally detached and independent entity. Arthur Andersen and each of their member firms areaccountable for only their own performance and any oversight or inadvertencythey incur, and not that of each other.

InIndia, Acquisory Consulting LLP is a member firm of Arthur Andersen Group with offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur,Bangalore and Kolkata.