Beacon is a management consulting firm providing a wide range of services to its clients with a clear focus on delivering high ROI! We offer advisory and analytics services to our clients in the areas of Supply Chain Management & Operations. Our unconventional working style allows us to experiment with concepts, look for innovative solutions, and explore over-the-top ideas with finesse. To drive method in madness, a Rotating Concept-Defense system ensures that all new ideas are well thought out and developed before final approval.

Measurement Driven Approach:We start our engagements with well- defined measurable KPIs. This helps to keep track of progress, undertake course corrections and demonstrate actual value realized for our clients.

Implementation Focus:Our recommendations are backed by strong implementation capabilities. Unless executed, we don’t consider the solution acceptable. So the benefits accrued are real and sustainable.

Quick ROI: Given our unique delivery methodology, our initiatives start yielding results in 3-4 weeks thereby ensuring our clients  get best value for money.

Long Term Relationships: Over 60% of our new business is from existing clients. Over 60% of our new business is from existing clients. Thereby making relationships longer and bearing testimony to the quality of our deliverables.