Buy Side-Sell Side Advisory

Buy Side-Sell Side Advisory

Acquisory's M&A Advisory team works with private equity firms, hedge funds and strategic corporate acquirers to identify and maximize value at every point in the transaction lifecycle. Seamlessly integrating the firm's deep understanding of operations with finance, accounting, tax & regulatory and business consulting expertise, we work closely with clients to make informed investment / sell decisions.

The key components of our approach include:

  • Freezing broad deal parameters toaddress key buy and sell side considerations
  • Understanding commercial rationale
  • Exploring possibilities of synergy /divestment
  • Negotiation strategy
  • Identifying key tax and regulatoryissues (corporate tax, indirect tax, stamp duty, FDI norms, corporate law,Takeover Code, etc)
  • Analyzing various investmentstructures, including cross border alternatives, choice of jurisdiction, etc,from a fiscal and regulatory perspective
  • Analyzing alternative modes forrestructuring of investee company/ transfer of business, consolidation of businesses,etc.

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