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  • The huge potential of the Indian pharmaceuticals market is impossible to ignore, since it is expected to be one of the top 10 sales markets by 2020. Once you’ve decided to invest success depends on getting things right on the ground. We have deep insight of the industry  and our professionals have extensive experience working with companies on industry specific strategic, operational and financial issues.

    Due Diligence
    Our experienced professionals offer a consistent deal process that help companies bid smarter, close faster and realise benefits sooner. Having advised on a number of deals in India, we have experience that can make a difference

    Risk Advisory
    We provide a suite of advisory services that address key management concerns including risk assessment, documenting policies, procedures and key controls, control self assessment and quality assurance reviews.

    Strategy Formulation
    At Acquisory, we work with companies across industries to develop strategy that deliver results. Our experts help client with their most complex strategic challenges and build customized strategies to help them with sustained growth.

    Funding Assistance
    We assist companies in raising private equity, whether it be for start-ups or expanding businesses. We use our broad network of clients and advisors to align investment opportunities with clients to ensure a close fit between the investor and the investment itself. 

    Transaction Advisory
    We will deliver the right solution for your business acquisition, merger or sale. Our team will manage the entire process, ranging from strategy determination, potential acquirers identification or acquisitions targets and providing guidance on business valuations, through to managing the due diligence process, structuring the transaction and negotiating the deal to deliver the optimal outcome.