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Service (Including IT-ITES)

  • Companies in the IT industry don't react to change; they create it. While other businesses may have the luxury of keeping up with change, IT companies must stay far ahead of it. The success that these companies have gained has created its own challenges, the need for new client acquisition strategies, alliances, innovation and expanding the range of services. Technological innovations like cloud computing, mobility and social media are necessitating new strategies for branding, customer management and employee connect.

    Strategy Consulting
    Whether you're looking to make an indelible mark, adjust your business model or tap into a new corner of the market, we can help you execute your strategy in a rapidly evolving field.

    Performance Improvement
    At Acquisory, we provide a wide range of services wherein we assist companies with formulating finance strategy, supply chain management and process transformation

    Risk Consulting
    Developing and sustaining risk management processes means that effective day-to-day management and control systems need to be in place. Acquisory assists our clients with the design, implementation and performance measurement of effective risk management and control systems.

    Transaction Advisory
    We work towards ensuring that our clients reap the maximum benefit while partnering with us to meet the challenges they face. We help technology companies to protect, optimize, raise and invest capital.

    M&A Advisory
    At Acquisory, we partner with you to expedite the M&A process and to facilitate your deployment of capital and time in a focused, disciplined and efficient manner.